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doomsdayclocks's Journal

special agent Jennifer Jareau
22 February 1984
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rev, graphic maker, roleplayer, slave to the wal-mart machine

My name is Michelle but online, I prefer Rev. I know it‘s strange but what can you do? I‘m 24. I work for Wal - Mart. I‘m pretty sporadic with my posting but I love new friends so feel free to friend me. My journal is friends only. Mostly because I had this intensely uncomfortable moment when my mom read my old LJ. Thanks but no thanks. Not doing that again. What else should I put here? Oh, I‘m really pretty easy going. I avoid participating in fandom beyond graphics and the occasionally fanfic because most of the time it pisses me off. Oh! That‘s another thing. I swear….a lot. My temper is pretty bad but I manage to keep it in check but when I‘m not at work? Oh…watch it.
obsession is healthy…at least that‘s what I like to pretend

fandoms: doctor who, torchwood, criminal minds, transformers, csi: ny, wanted, iron man, ghost hunters, general hospital, stargate atlantis, tinman, harry potter, mutant x, ncis, csi, the boondock saints, batman beyond, the dark knight, jumper, stay alive, the cleaner
ships: doctor/rose, rose/jack, rose/mickey, mickey/martha, martha/tom, jack/gwen, ianto/gwen, ianto/lisa, jack/estelle, gwen/owen, tosh/tommy, tosh/ianto, john/jack, john/gwen, john/gray, gray/gwen, jj/reid, jj/bill, jj/morgan, morgan/garcia, morgan/prentiss, prentiss/hotch, jj/prentiss, angell/flack, flack/lindsay, danny/lindsay, lindsay/marty, hawkes/angell, georgie/dillon, Jason/sam, lucky/sam, dg/cain, tonks/lupin, victoire/teddy, harry/ginny, emma/brennan, abby/mcgee, bryce/greg, griffin/jo (oc), keller/ronon, jenny/ross crossovers:fox/jack (wanted/torchwood), gwen/bela (torchwood/supernatural), jack/angell (csi:ny/torchwood), death/the doctor (doctor who/the sandman), daisy/kenny (doctor who/south park), suzie/the master (torchwood/doctor who), suzie/adam (heroes/torchwood)
the music: kate nash, katy perry, brand new, boys like girls, oneRepublic, incubus, Jason mraz, charlotte sometimes, a perfect circle, regina spektor, rasputina, panic at the disco, paolo nutini, oar, mika, matchbox twenty, stars, modest mouse, mat kearney
my favorite stars
james mcavoy, john barrowman, megan fox, eve myles, aj cook, david tennant, billie piper, alison sudol, taylor momsen, jamie bell, Jason mraz, katy perry, gareth david Lloyd, burn Gorman, noel clarke, anna Belknap, eddie cahill, aj buckley, matthew gray gubler, paget Brewster, kirsten vangsness, carey mulligan, Rachel taylor, freema agyemon, tom ellis, john simms, jewel staite, Jason momoa, Sophia bush, kristen bell, zachary quinto, lee pace, anna friel, tahmoh pennikett, grace park

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